Santa Barbara’s stint as a tourist city that attracts thousands of visitors every year is a documented fact. Recognized for its delightful weather, stunning scenery and also for its impressively rich architectural legacy. Santa Barbara’s building designs do not repeat the similarity of conventional American buildings because they have emerged from Spanish construction during the colonization period. The city’s impeccable architecture is characterized by the touch of ancient days, with historic preservation as an integral part of the city planning process. Santa Barbara was one of the first cities in America that furthered the historical footprint observed in local architectural patterns and styles. Renowned property developer and successful businessman, Kenny Slaught notes the history of Santa Barbara’s architecture by discussing the chronology of events that happened in the area. On the blog at, the renowned executive has given a brief timeline of milestones in efforts to help expedite curious readers’ search for information.  


Kenny Slaught Blogs On Important Santa Barbara Architecture

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